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Physiotherapy has been recognised as a valuable part of human medicine for many years, it has also been used by human athletes to improve their performance, injury prevention and injury healing as well as rehabilitation.


Veterinary Physiotherapy is now becoming more widely recognised by Veterinary surgeons as being beneficial; pre and post-surgery, during rehabilitation, neurological issues, joint problems, age related issues, muscoskeletal issues, fracture repair and in the healing process of soft tissues.


Riders and owners of performance or working animals are also using Veterinary Physiotherapists to improve the performance of their animals and maintaining muscoskeletal system to lessen the likely hood of injury.


Treatments available from Nicki for dogs and horses are exercise prescription, manual therapy, electrotherapies (Therapeutic Ultrasound, Pulse Magnetic field Therapy and Phototherapy). Ailments treated; are from wounds to broken bones, also conditions associated with older animals such as osteo-arthritis, canine neurological issues can also be treated. 


Nicki is fully insured veterinary physiotherapist and is a member of the institute of registered veterinary and animal physiotherapist (IRVAP).


Veterinary Surgeon’s referral is required in line with the Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1966.

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Nicki Tucker

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